5 Days Tour From Fes To Marrakesh​

5 Days Tour From Fes To Marrakesh


5 days Tour From Fes To Marrakesh is a meticulously curated journey through Morocco’s diverse landscapes and cultural wonders. Begin by exploring the Middle Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert, indulging in a personalized Sahara experience with camel treks and village visits. Traverse the Todra Gorges, witness the Festival of the Roses in Kelaat Mgouna, and discover the oasis charm of Skoura. Immerse yourself in Ouarzazate, Africa’s Hollywood, exploring film sets and the Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The adventure culminates with a scenic drive through the Tizi n’Tichka Pass, unveiling picturesque Berber villages en route to Marrakesh. This 5-day odyssey promises an unforgettable blend of natural wonders and cultural gems, providing a rich tapestry of experiences in the heart of Morocco.

Day 1: Fes to Sahara Desert

  • Overnight journey from Fes to the Sahara Desert.

Day 2: Explore the Beauty of the Sahara Desert

  • Full day to experience the beauty of the Sahara Desert.

Day 3: Sahara Desert to Todra Gorges

  • Depart from the Sahara Desert.
  • Visit Erfoud and Todra Gorges.

Day 4: Todra Gorges to Ouarzazate

  • Explore Todra Gorges.
  • Tour Taourirt in Ouarzazate.

Day 5: Ouarzazate to Marrakech via High Atlas

  • Depart from Ouarzazate.
  • Drive through the High Atlas Mountains.
  • Arrive in Marrakech.

Day 1 : A night in the Sahara Desert from Fes - Atlas

Begin on an unforgettable journey from Fes to Marrakesh with Fes Desert Trips. Your adventure begins as our experienced driver picks you up from your hotel or Riad at 7 am, setting the stage for an exhilarating exploration of Morocco’s diverse landscapes.

The scenic route takes you first to Ifrane, a charming town with a distinct Alpine charm, often referred to as Morocco’s Switzerland. Built in the 1930s by the French, Ifrane boasts picturesque chalet-style architecture. In winter, it transforms into a snowy wonderland, featuring the nearby Michliffen ski resort.

Continuing through the Middle Atlas, you’ll encounter the Berber village of Azrou, known locally as “The Rock” in the Berber dialect. Here, amidst the expansive cedar forests, the famous Barbary apes, or macaque monkeys, may join you for lunch in their natural habitat.

Journeying further south, traverse the majestic Atlas Mountains, often described as the pillars supporting the sky. Navigate through forested peaks, meandering mountain streams, and bubbling springs, all while passing by rugged rock formations. As you proceed, the route leads you through Rissani, setting the stage for the awe-inspiring moment when the Erg Chebbi sand dunes materialize, seemingly out of thin air. These colossal dunes, reaching heights of up to 50 meters, stretch eastward into the Algerian Sahara Desert.

Arriving at the foot of the sand dunes, your welcoming Kasbah/hotel awaits, where a soothing glass of hot sweet mint tea invites you to unwind after the picturesque journey. Take in the breathtaking surroundings and savor a delectable dinner accompanied by the melodious notes of traditional Berber music, creating the perfect ambiance as you retire for the night.

Day 2 : Share in the Beauty of the Sahara Desert

Awaken to a delightful breakfast, setting the tone for a day filled with personalized desert experiences. The choices are yours to make — perhaps a leisurely stroll through the captivating surroundings, a refreshing dip in the hotel swimming pool, or an exploration of the nearby villages.

For those drawn to cultural discovery, embark on a captivating shopping trip to Merzouga, a village situated just fifty kilometers from the Algerian border. Marvel at the largest underground natural reservoir in Morocco and explore the enchanting Khamlia, known as the “village of the black people.” Inhabited by descendants of Sudanese slaves, Khamlia captivates with performances of the sacred Gnawa music, providing a unique and enriching cultural experience.

As dusk paints the desert sky, your camel awaits, ready to carry you into the mesmerizing sunset on a ninety-minute camel trek through the ever-shifting sands of the Sahara. Arriving at a traditional Berber desert encampment nestled amidst majestic dunes, you’ll spend the night in a comfortable tent, surrounded by the tranquility of the desert.

Your expert guide will prepare an authentic Moroccan feast, allowing you to relax and savor the flavors under the vast expanse of stars. The desert night comes alive with the brilliance of countless stars, creating an atmosphere where you feel as though you could reach out and touch them. Immerse yourself in the soft sounds of time-honored Berber music, making this day in the heart of the Sahara Desert truly unforgettable.

Day 3 : Sahara Desert - Erfoud - Todra Gorges

Embark on an early morning adventure with Fes Desert Trips as the first rays of the sun grace the Sahara Desert, casting a mesmerizing glow over the sand dunes. Awaken to this spectacular sunrise before gently riding your camel back to the hotel for a delightful breakfast. En route, marvel at the ever-shifting shadows cast by the dunes, creating a captivating dance of light throughout the ride.

Following breakfast, your journey continues towards the Todra Gorge. Begin with a drive to Rissani, the historic first capital of the Alaouite dynasty, marking the edge of the Sahara. Proceed to Erfoud, renowned for its fascinating array of fossils. Take the opportunity to secure a beautiful fossil souvenir, navigating the vibrant market with a chance to haggle for a bargain. Explore the workshops where skilled artisans meticulously extract fossils from rocks with expert precision.

The voyage then leads through the 300-meter deep canyon of the Todgha Gorges, carving through the easternmost tip of the High Atlas Mountains. Arrive at Tinghir, a village nestled close to the gorge, offering the perfect setting for relaxed hiking. Widely regarded as the highest and narrowest gorges in Morocco, Tinghir and Todra Gorges exude a captivating beauty that will leave you in awe.

As night falls, dinner is served, providing an opportunity to savor a delicious meal amid the serene ambiance of the Todra Gorge. Enjoy a peaceful night, surrounded by the breathtaking natural wonders of this Moroccan marvel.

Day 4 : Todra Gorges - Touring Taourirt - Ouarzazate

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast, prepared by Fes Desert Trips, setting the stage for a captivating journey through the enchanting landscapes of Morocco. Your first destination is the picturesque Dades Valley, where banded sandstones and limestones have sculpted a deep canyon. Traverse an off-road trail, passing by cave dwellings that house some of the world’s last troglodytes.

Continue your expedition to the charming Berber town of Kelaat Mgouna, a place that comes alive in May during the annual Festival of the Roses. Immerse yourself in the festivities as the locals gather to trade an array of products crafted from roses, including the renowned rose water. Delight your senses with the lingering aroma of this exquisite scent, a souvenir that will stay with you long after leaving this charming locale. If you wish, you can purchase rose water, adding a touch of Morocco to your daily routine or bed linen.

Next, venture towards the fertile oasis of Skoura, surrounded by vast groves of palm trees and offering breathtaking views of the mighty Atlas Mountains. Take a moment to explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Kasbah of Taourirt, a beautifully preserved testament to traditional Moroccan architecture. This site, beloved by both tourists and locals, provides insight into the rich history and culture of the region.

Conclude your day with an evening arrival at Ouarzazate, where you’ll enjoy a delectable dinner and spend the night in a comfortable hotel, reflecting on the day’s adventures in this remarkable Moroccan city.

Day 5 : Ouarzazate - High Atlas - Marrakech

Commence your final day with a satisfying breakfast, preparing for a day filled with exploration and awe. Dive into the allure of Ouarzazate, often dubbed Africa’s Hollywood, where the captivating scenery and diverse topography have attracted renowned filmmakers and directors from around the world. Explore the renowned film sets and studios, the largest and most famous in Africa, offering a glimpse into the magic behind movies like Babel, The Mummy, Hideous Kinky, and the beloved TV series, Game of Thrones.

Visit the studio museum, where you can marvel at props and items of interest from these iconic productions that came to life against the backdrop of Ouarzazate’s stunning landscapes.

Next, venture to the Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the largest in Morocco. This timeless, ancient village has served as the cinematic backdrop for over twenty Hollywood films, including Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones, and Gladiator. Stroll through the narrow alleys, immersing yourself in the traditional Moroccan architecture of the kasbah, now home to the Glaoui family.

As your journey continues, traverse the breathtaking Tizi n’Tichka Pass, rising over two and a half kilometers above sea level. Wind through mountain roads adorned with picturesque Berber villages and crystal-clear waterfalls, creating a scenic spectacle that leads you towards your final destination, Marrakesh.

Bid farewell to the mesmerizing desert landscapes as Fes Desert Trips drops you off at your hotel or riad in Marrakesh. Your desert tour concludes, leaving you with cherished memories of Morocco’s diverse landscapes and cultural wonders.


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